Kayak Baie des Chaleurs

Come see the bay another way! 
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Welcome to the splendid Chaleur Bay!

Come discover the bay at its best... from the seat of a kayak! 
Accompanied by an experienced guide, full of knowledge, you will be
astounded by its subtle treasures and unsuspecting beauties.
Kayak Baie des Chaleurs is a young company whose greatest wish is to give better access to the extraordinary Chaleur bay, on the south side of the Gaspe peninsula, and increase its recreational use in a safe manner.  Kayak Baie des Chaleurs caters as much to locals as to visitors.  It offers three types of activities all along the summer season:  guided tours, a kayaking school and group outings.  If nothing suits you, direct yourself to the personalized services section, to create an outing to your liking.


Because it was so difficult to choose one spot to put the kayaks in the water, there are six sites, to take the most advantage of everything the bay has to offer!  Come visit us in Bonaventure, Saint-Siméon, Caplan, New Richmond, Maria, Carleton-sur-Mer
To reach us:
(418) 391-4519


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To reach us:      (418) 391-4519   info@kayakbdc.com

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